Buxton Primary School is a ResourceSmart School. Please click on the button below to go to the ResourceSmart web pages.


At Buxton Primary School, we believe that the environment is integral to the quality of our students’ lives. We are committed to enhancing and supporting biodiversity through a range of programs that strengthen links within the school community and wider community.


The school garden projects and landscape restoration have increased over recent years. Students are engaged in projects that are genuinely student owned, ecologically and financially sustainable, and nurture the school community. They actively participate in Zoos Victoria and Greening Australia programs that raise awareness and educate the community about environmental issues and promote sustainable practices.


The school habitat gardens have been developed, including the planting of many trees with Landcare during the past six years. The natural bush area is being developed by students, staff and community members to include a dry creek bed and pathways that will allow students, staff and the public access to the natural bush landscape, which is being revegetated after the 2009 bushfire with indigenous plants to promote habitat for wildlife.


An integrated curriculum has been developed, promoting meaningful learning experiences around the school food gardens. Students have hands on lessons in vegetable, herb and bush tucker gardens.


In 2014, students participated in a Love Your Locals Challenge with Zoos Victoria. Please click on the button below to go the 'He Ho' Helmeted Honeyeaters' Helpers site developed by students at Buxton Primary School through this program.