All children have capacity to lead:

At Buxton Primary School, we believe all children should have opportunities to develop their knowledge and understanding around what it means to be a leader. Students have opportunities to contirbute to the decision making process where appropriate, and learn the skills necessary to make fair, responsible decisions. Our students are aware of the role the School Council play in the decision making process, and have written to the School Council to make changes to our school in ways that matter to them. 

An example of the opportunities include:

- A decision by the student group to change toilet paper brands to a recycled product, run by a socially responsible brand that directs 50% of it's profits to sanitation and hygiene programs around the world.

- Democratic decision making around 'essential agreements' that govern our actions and behaviours when at school.

- Development of protocols for our play and actions when in the Land for Wildlife space.

We will continue to provide children with authentic opportunities to make decisions in a world that requires responsible, open minded, compassionate thinking.