Our Vision and Our Values


At Buxton Primary School we believe in developing the whole child and supporting them as they continue their educational journey. We encourage our students to achieve their best and support them with programs that develop them as individuals academically, socially and creatively. We value individuality and understand that each child has their own learning needs, their own aspirations and learning journey.


Our students are always at the centre of our thinking when we implement school policies, practices and when creating teaching and learning programs. As a school community we work together to provide the opportunities and programs that will support their development as contributing members of our community.


Our mission statement and agreed school values support our students to develop a sense of self-worth, mutual respect for their peers, their teachers and their family, responsibility for their own actions and learning and perseverance when facing challenges.


We value our community and encourage parents, friends and community members to take an active role in our school.  We develop relationships with other schools, child care facilities and local businesses to foster an understanding in our students about the importance of community and citizenship.  


We actively promote student leadership and encourage our students to lead school events and identify charitable causes that we can support. We encourage our students to have opinions and to share these with the school as a whole


We meet regularly as a whole school to reinforce our school values and celebrate our students’ achievements. We believe that each individual student can achieve great progress and we encourage our students to try their best in all they do.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a positive learning environment that places a high value on lifelong learning, through believing in and supporting students to achieve their full potential in all areas of the curriculum.


School Values

The Buxton Primary School Values are Fairness, Kindness and Growth. These values are embedded in the school through its curriculum and interactions between stakeholders. We promote the values in the wider community and involve all our stakeholders in the development of our educational philosophy.